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SKRILLEX at Noa Beach Club 2016!


Let’s remember 2016. amazing summer on Zrće Beach and amazing artist Skrillex that was part of it!  Noa Beach Club had that privilege to host one of the best DJ’s in the world.

Enjoy in video.


Despite the popularity, Skrillex is stayed the same as he was on the begining. We like his sentences about true partnerships through the years no matter will success come more slowly. And that’s way he is so special.

“When you grow you’re going to need more people, more bodies to do stuff,” he said. “It’s all about making true partnerships. I think the less you can take out of something and the more you can do yourself, it’s more equal-interest. So you’re not taking out big bank loans, you’re betting on yourself and you can sustain everything. Maybe it takes a little longer — it’s been since 2004 to get to where I am now, with the same team, the same manager. That’s how we did it. There was no rush ever to get giant checks.

It’s always been a defining trait of his character, this aptitude at building things with others. It’s since gone on to characterize, color, and define his career, too. Whether with his label, OWSLA, his numerous media projects, the NEST online community or the building in downtown LA he’s currently converting into a state-of-the art creative space, Skrillex knows there’s power in numbers. Skrillex quite simply loves to make things.

And this year we are expecting the best and world famous artists. Join us at Zrće Beach and have great 2017. summer!


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